Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What forms of ID will I need to provide in order to be employed?

A: Click here to view the list of acceptable documents.


Q: How do I apply for employment with AFP?

A: Please apply in person at the AFP office, Monday – Friday between 5:30 AM and 8:00 AM.

1801 NE 23rd Ave #D4
Gainesville, FL 32609

To save time, please fill out and submit your pre­-application prior to your arrival.
We must conduct an in-person interview prior to hiring and sending you to work.


Q: I have questions about the job or jobsite I’ve been assigned to. Who can I call for information?

A: Always call the AFP office at (352) 505-0503 with any questions. ­If no one answers, please leave a message and wait to hear back from us shortly.


Q: How does your payment policy work?

A: Per AFP policy, all employees are paid via check on the same day the work occurs. Checks are disbursed at the AFP office after work has been completed.

A weekly pay option is available by request for individuals working the same job for the entire week.


Q: How do I get to the jobsite?

A: Employees are responsible for transporting themselves to all jobsite assignments.


Q: I was injured on the job. What steps should I take?

A: For all life threatening accidents immediately Call 911. Someone at the jobsite should also report the incident to the AFP office. If injured, all employees must use the insurance provider assigned by AFP.


If you have additional questions, call us at (352) 505-0503.